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VisualBasic - (Portuguese)

Obter Ip sem usar winsock

Script que obtem o ip da maquina local sem utilizar o componente do vb6 winsock

Last update: 15/01/2014

Private Declare Function GetIpAddrTable_API Lib "IpHlpApi" Alias "GetIpAddrTable" (pIPAddrTable As Any, pdwSize As Long, ByVal bOrder As Long) As Long

' Retorna um array com todos os ips locais referentes a maquina.
Public Function GetIpAddrTable()
   Dim Buf(0 To 511) As Byte
   Dim BufSize As Long: BufSize = UBound(Buf) + 1
   Dim rc As Long
   rc = GetIpAddrTable_API(Buf(0), BufSize, 1)
   If rc <> 0 Then Err.Raise vbObjectError, , "GetIpAddrTable failed with return value " & rc
   Dim NrOfEntries As Integer: NrOfEntries = Buf(1) * 256 + Buf(0)
   If NrOfEntries = 0 Then GetIpAddrTable = Array(): Exit Function
   ReDim IpAddrs(0 To NrOfEntries - 1) As String
   Dim i As Integer
   For i = 0 To NrOfEntries - 1
      Dim j As Integer, s As String: s = ""
      For j = 0 To 3: s = s & IIf(j > 0, ".", "") & Buf(4 + i * 24 + j): Next
      IpAddrs(i) = s
   GetIpAddrTable = IpAddrs
   End Function

' Testando a rotina
Public Sub Test()
   Dim IpAddrs
   IpAddrs = GetIpAddrTable
   Debug.Print "Nr of IP addresses: " & UBound(IpAddrs) - LBound(IpAddrs) + 1
   Dim i As Integer
   For i = LBound(IpAddrs) To UBound(IpAddrs)
      Debug.Print IpAddrs(i)
   End Sub

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